Phil Lumen

Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)®

Phil Lumen is the owner and inspector of Illumination Home Inspections. The role of a home inspector is to be an objective observer with a strong core of knowledge that facilitates an accurate evaluation of the overall condition of a home. Phil displays how seriously he takes this responsibility day in and day out, meticulously assessing a home’s structures and systems so that every client can have peace of mind as the process for final closing commences.

For This Home Inspector, Helping Others Is Key

Phil has always loved helping others, and he became enamored with the idea of inspecting homes to help prospective buyers protect their families as well as their financial standing. Phil strives for his clients to learn as much as they possibly can about what to expect from a home at the outset of a pending real estate transaction, and your family’s safety is his number-one priority.

Phil works tirelessly to get to the bottom of potentially hazardous mechanical and structural issues so that you can pass sound judgment on whether or not a home will live up to your standards. And best of all, Phil doesn’t pretend to know it all—if there’s some aspect of the home he can’t figure out, he’ll reach out to colleagues in the industry to get you the answers you need. 

San Bernardino Home Inspections

We Won’t Lead You Astray

  • Our goal is to pinpoint potential problems in a home in a timely and efficient manner, even offering weekend appointments by request for your convenience
  • Feel free to accompany us during the home inspection, following along as we mark each item off our list—giving you a chance to see defective components up close and to ask questions as we go
  • After your inspection is over and you’ve received your report, go ahead and give us a call with any questions you have— we want you to have the most accurate understanding of a home possible before you make a buying decision

When he’s not inspecting homes, Phil enjoys hiking, playing guitar, wood turning, and relaxing at home with his lovely family. Phil has always loved to learn, and he seeks out continuing education opportunities whenever possible.


Illumination Home Inspection provides detail-oriented home inspections that will help you form realistic expectations about a home so that you’re able to identity negotiating points that must be addressed before making a final buying decision. Contact us today to request an inspection.

Call to inquire about our discounts for first-time homebuyers, repeat business, active-duty military, and veterans.

Weekend appointments are available by request.
Home inspections start at just $250.
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